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Karni Aurum

Crafted with an imaginative mix of care and attention, Karni Aurum takes luxurious living to a new high.With an irresistible concept of just one apartment per floor, the premium project accords the freedom of villa-like living combined with the safety of an elegant enclave,as well. The charm of living in these luxurious apartments is enhanced by the idyllic interiors scheme.The contemporary style of architecture – with a touch of glamour thrown into the blend, in the form of glass, wood and metal – creates a timeless look that’s appealing as well as inviting. In essence, the address offers a sense of grandeur…forever.

Karni Aurum, our 3 BHK apartments offer an optimal blend of class, comfort and convenience.With meticulously designed floor plans,we make sure these apartments are roomy and appealing.They are not simply functional, they are also beautiful. Everywhere you look, including the common spaces, are made to evoke feelings of pride and warmth.These are ideal for people who want to own a beautiful home with all modern facilities in a peaceful locality closer to the bustling activity of the city.These apartments are designed to provide maximum ventilation and natural light with each home having the unbeatable advantage of being the only one on each of the 4floors.